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Drug and alcohol addiction can cause havoc to personal, family, and community life. If someone is struggling with alcohol or substance addiction, admitting they have a problem is the first step to recovery. The next step is looking for a rehabilitation center that can fit their needs. A rehab center with the right resources and experienced professionals can help patients through the recovery journey.

Luckily, there are many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Southern California. People have a variety of treatment programs to choose from. However, not every treatment facility has the best resources to help patients recover efficiently. 

Some are profit-oriented and can give people a negative experience of rehabilitation. Taking time to analyze rehabilitation facilities with a performance record can help. 

At New Method Wellness, our treatment programs are evidence-based. And the programs are monitored by experienced professionals to give patients the best experience in their recovery journey.

Drug Addiction Statistics in San Diego

San Diego is one of California’s most affected counties by drug addiction. In 2020 alone, San Diego accounted for 10% of the state’s drug overdose-related deaths

Statistics further indicate that overdose-related deaths skyrocketed to over 200%. Fentanyl was the leading cause of overdose fatalities. In addition, 2020 drunk-driving fatalities broke the county’s record. 

With such a prevalence, San Diego spends around $180 million annually on combating drug abuse. However, there is hope as the county has embarked on rehabilitation programs as an alternative strategy to curb increasing drug addiction. 

How Do You Select the Right Rehab?

A person’s sobriety is good for their health and essential for their relationships with family and loved ones. When people overcome addiction, they can focus on essential things in life and provide for their loved ones substantially. That is why choosing the right treatment center is crucial. The right rehabilitation center will improve a person’s chances of completing the program successfully and maintaining sobriety after leaving the program. 

However, the sheer number of drug rehabilitation centers in San Diego alone can confuse people struggling with substance use disorder. Each drug rehabilitation is different, and the sad truth is that some are better than others. So, it is essential to take the time to consider what treatment is appropriate for the person. 

Here are some of the essential personal considerations to make when choosing a rehab facility:

Determine your Rehab Needs and Goals

Each drug treatment center has unique specialties. Even those centers with similar specialties may have different elements of measuring success and varying programs. Selecting a rehab that can help the patient achieve their predetermined needs and goals is critical to full recovery. People can look at different rehabs’ missions, visions, and goals to get the one that aligns with the patient’s goals. 

Once someone has preset goals, it becomes easy to categorize different choices. And then, the person can select the best based on their goals and judgment.

Consult a Treatment Professional

Selecting the right treatment center alone can be daunting, even if the person has set goals. Some drug rehabilitation centers have their missions, visions and goals indicated to attract clients. But, they don’t live by the promise in their mission statement. 

There are treatment specialists in Southern California who know what treatment options can best be applied to their patients. Besides, treatment providers know what programs are most effective in the recovery of particular drug addictions. They can also provide invaluable information about their facilities, including their success rates, treatment approaches, and methods of intervention used.

Analyze Various Treatment Centers

Conducting a personal assessment before committing to a specific rehab center is essential. Remember, it is vital to go to a treatment center that fits a person’s specific needs. The rehab center should also make patients feel as comfortable as possible. 

To do this, one can search on Google or visit centers in Southern California to see what treatment center is the best fit. Some information may be available, and you can contact the facility’s customer service to learn more about their programs. More importantly, analyzing customer reviews can help people understand which rehab has the highest success rate for patients. 

Factors to Consider in a Drug Rehab Center

Various factors can help determine whether a rehab center is best for a person’s circumstances. It’s essential to consider important factors first. 

Here are some of the elements that many patients look for:

Treatment Methods

While some drug rehabs specialize in a single approach to treatment, others employ various methods, including:

• Medication 

• Cognitive behavioral therapy 

• Individual and group counseling

People with severe addiction symptoms may need various methods to manage withdrawal effects. A safe and supervised detox process is the first step in a recovery journey. For instance, someone with an opioid addiction will need to detox the substance from their system before starting any therapeutic element of treatment.

The drug rehab in Southern California, a person selects needs to have the resources and specialists available. These professionals can conduct safe detox and effectively manage withdrawal effects during and after detox.


Not every drug rehab in San Diego is patient-centered—others are there for profit. The profit-oriented treatment centers will have an aspect that shows they are not there to help patients. Accreditation is the first thing to look for. Check whether the program selected is certified by the state. 

California provides accreditation to treatment centers upon meeting the essential quality and safety requirements. An accredited program means the standard of care in a rehab center meets the national compliance organization’s expectations. Viewing clients’ ratings for a program can be vital to making informed decisions.

Evidence-Based Treatment

People who are struggling need drug rehab in San Diego that uses scientifically proven treatment methods. Facilities that implement evidence-based treatment focus on more than intervention methods. They also have effective programs for mental health management for clients during treatment. 

For instance, withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and intense cravings are common characteristics of cocaine and opioid addicts. Evidence-based treatment offers proven measures for helping such patients. 

Find the Right Drug Rehab in Southern California

Beginning the recovery journey is a critical step in life. Choosing the right rehab and program will ensure you get the best services. While also providing the support needed for long-term recovery. 

However, not every drug rehab in Southern California has specific benefits for your treatment. So, choose the right one for optimum results. If you are considering treatment in the San Diego area, we recommend traveling a little further north to San Juan Capistrano, CA. New Method Wellness is located in San Juan Capistrano, just north of San Diego. We have vast experience in the treatment of mental and behavioral conditions. 

New Method Wellness is an accredited and client-oriented drug treatment center right at the heart of San Diego. We don’t treat patients based on assumptions but scientifically proven approaches. 

So if you or a loved one has a dual addiction or mental health issues, New Method Wellness can help. We provide effective alcohol and drug addiction programs simultaneously. We also accept all major insurance coverage up to 100%.

Contact us today to learn about our programs.