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In the United States, nearly 20 million people suffer from substance abuse. When we hear substance abuse disorder, we may immediately think of cocaine, methamphetamines, or opioids as the primary culprit. However, alcohol plays a significant role in substance use disorder as well.  

Overindulgence and outright abuse of spirits, wine, and beer may cause various health problems. Of the 15 million people living with alcoholism, approximately 95,000 lose their battle and die from the disease.

Over 86% of adults in the United States have at least tried alcohol at one time. Over half of the nation’s adults drink regularly, and many who drink occasionally do so without issues. Alcohol abuse contributes to an array of physical health problems. Those addicted to substances may experience adverse effects due to their consumption. 

Of course, other substances, such as opioids and other pain relievers, meth, cocaine, and ecstasy, also claim their share of victims. Many people who suffer from drug abuse and addiction also deal with severe physical pain or mental health issues.

Yet, only about eight percent of the people dealing with the life-crippling substance abuse condition seek treatment for their sickness. We believe that needs to change. For those struggling with substance addiction in or near the Los Angeles area, we urge you to consider New Method Wellness.

What Causes Addiction?

People who suffer from addiction don’t do so by choice—addiction results from brain dysfunction, specifically in the prefrontal cortex. Individuals with a damaged prefrontal cortex will seek alcohol or other drugs to satisfy a craving at any cost. No doubt you’ve heard of people losing money, jobs, homes, and even the support of loved ones due to substance abuse. 

NIH scientists know now that substance abuse represents a persistent and complicated brain disease. A healthy brain will seek out the pleasurable experience we get from positive experiences. Such as eating good food, socializing with friends and family, doing a hobby, and doing physical activity. 

Scientists agree we need more research to understand the addictive brain fully. But studies do point to a genetic and environmental component—a correlation between teenage or early substance use and the connection between depression and other mental disorders.

Fighting the Stigma of Addiction

Research continues to help us understand and treat the disease of alcoholism and drug abuse. However, the stigma associating the condition with morally inferior and criminal activity continues. True, those suffering from addiction may seem uncaring and even commit illegal actions. But labeling them as bad people or criminals feeds the disease and adds to the stigma.

We need more resources to treat the disease than jail cells to lock up the afflicted. Understanding that substance abuse represents an illness that does respond to treatment. And that, like many other illnesses, people who treat and manage their disease may end up living productive and fulfilling lives. 

Making Sure You Find the Right Fit to Meet Your Goals and Expectations:

We understand the decision to seek treatment does not come easily. Many patients deal with anxieties regarding withdrawal or failure when considering a rehab facility. You may experience reservations about how comfortable you will feel away from home. Or you may wonder whether you will receive the emotional support you need. 

At New Method Wellness, we realize every individual responds differently to treatment for substance abuse. People may respond depending on their physiology, history, and cause and triggers of their condition. We combine evidence-based therapy with a holistic treatment that will best suit you. 

Our one staff member to every three patients illustrates our commitment to individual attention.  Our beautiful facility also values a sense of community. Our team of professionals develops comprehensive treatment plans suited to the needs of each patient. 

Does Inpatient or Outpatient Make More Sense?

Investing in an inpatient program makes sense if you struggle with substance abuse with mental health complications. The idyllic location, combined with a professional and caring staff, makes New Method Wellness Center an ideal inpatient treatment center.  


The New Method Wellness Center in Orange County overlooks the Mission of San Juan Capistrano. We are one of the premier substance abuse treatment centers in Southern California. The 10,000-square-foot facility includes five separate housing units. Of course, the facility nestled between the mountains and the ocean also has a backdrop of breathtaking nature. If you need to find a drug rehab center near Los Angeles, look into New Method Wellness Center. 


At New Method Wellness, we offer many different programs for your specific needs. We also address the need many patients possess to treat both a physical addiction and mental illness. With our Dual Diagnostic Treatment, our professional staff integrates evidence-based treatments and therapeutic programs to help you recover.

Examples of our holistic treatments include:

Art therapy
Wilderness therapy
Surf therapy
Paddleboard therapy
Equine therapy
Wolf-assisted therapy


The science or evidence-based treatments that would accompany one of the therapeutic therapies include the following:

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Dialectical behavior therapy
Guided imagery
Process groups
Solution-focused therapy


Essential Things to Know

Accreditation– New Method Wellness proudly claims the following accreditations:

• Joint Commission’s Quality Approval

• CARF accreditation

Testimonials from patients-Our patients appreciate the attention and care they receive at the New Method Wellness Center. Our patients value the follow-up care they count on in their recovery journey. 

Attention to Science and evidence-based methods– In addition to the tailored holistic therapies offered at the Center, we also provide evidence-based treatments. These include Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Assessing the Cost

Fortunately, New Method Wellness accepts most health insurance policies and offers workable private payment plans. Treatment does not always need to be limited by a person’s financial situation. Learn more about verifying your insurance plan.

We Want to Help

At New Method Wellness, we understand that reaching out for help is often the most significant step in a person’s recovery. Our team of professionals can help answer any questions you may have about treatment and the services we offer. We are always here to take your call and support your recovery journey. 

Contact us to learn more about our treatment services and how we can help.