Unhealthy vs. Healthy Coping Mechanisms

When individuals experience stress, they often turn to coping mechanisms. These mechanisms are actions people take unconsciously or consciously to deal with uncomfortable emotions or problems. Most individuals develop habits that act as ways to cope with stress. Unfortunately, many negative habits are often a “crutch” to get people through difficult situations. There are either […]

Alcohol and Inflammation

Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to a variety of serious side effects. The reason behind many alcohol-related mental and physical health problems is inflammation. Chronic alcohol-induced inflammation can damage healthy cells, tissues, and organs. When a person consumes alcohol regularly, the entire body can suffer from inflammation, including the liver, joints, gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and […]

What Does it Mean to White Knuckle Sobriety?

White knuckle sobriety is the struggle to stay sober without professional treatment assistance. It is a challenging but attainable goal that necessitates overcoming the cravings and temptations of drug addiction. You’re attempting to fix yourself with your mind or willpower. Some people trying to recover claim that they will keep themselves busy. They claim that […]

The Relationship Between Stress and Alcohol

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Unwinding the Relationship Between Stress & Alcohol Life can be stressful. Every day, situations cause fear, anger, sadness, excitement, and anxiety. Many individuals who experience stressful circumstances drink alcohol to help them cope with the stress. However, alcohol impacts the physiological balance of a person’s body, which can lead to […]

How do you Help an Alcoholic Parent

Dealing with an alcoholic parent can be stressful and upsetting. Keep in mind that being sober is a choice that the alcoholic themselves can only make. It’s okay to urge someone to seek assistance, but you can’t make them. With help and support, children of alcoholics can help their parents recover from alcoholism. Treatment for […]

How to Spot an Alcoholic Face

Alcoholism is an increasingly prevalent social issue that affects individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Unfortunately, the physical and mental effects of alcohol can often lead to addiction. A condition in which individuals become dependent on alcohol to cope with the pressures of life.  One of the most common signs of alcoholism is a […]

The Most Common Excuses for Not Going to Rehab and How to Refute Them

Most people who are victims of drug abuse usually put off the idea of going to rehabilitation facilities due to several reasons. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDH), about 20 million people in the United States are caught up in drug addiction. But only 10% of them ever get treatment […]

Spotting the Signs of Problematic Drinking

Alcohol is legal in almost all countries and is widely consumed in social situations. It is easy to develop problematic drinking without realizing it. About 85% of people 18 or older have ever taken alcohol, and 5.3% of people ages 12 or older have alcohol use disorder. Alcohol is beneficial when taken in small quantities. […]

Fentanyl: Origins, Overdoses and Treatment

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Fentanyl: Origins, Overdoses and Safety When used according to a doctor’s prescription, fentanyl can be a useful opiate to treat pain from an injury or post-surgery. Fentanyl works fast and eliminates an individual’s perception of pain. But, many individuals abuse fentanyl because it provides an intense “high,” which can be […]

Signs of Addiction in Young Adults

Drug addiction, also referred to as substance use disorder is a progressive disease. It often starts with a “one-time” experiment, simple recreational use, peer pressure, an occasional getaway, or even a painkiller prescription. After a while, it becomes impossible to resist the urge to use them. Drug addiction has several consequences for the user and […]