About Victim Impact Panel USA

In 2013, Victim Impact Panel USA developed one of the first online Victim Impact Panel courses and certificate programs offered online. The trusted program is accepted by most courts and remains one of the few still in existence today.
The course brings together some of the most hard-hitting true stories of those affected by and the results of drunk driving accidents.The simple and straightforward online format brings the classroom to your TV, computer, or smartphone allowing you to: 

  • Securely create a user account
  • Pay a $49.99 fee
  • View 9 short videos totaling less than 45 minutes
  • Pass a 20-question quiz
  • Print your VIP Certificate…all in less than ONE HOUR!

Oh, and don´t worry if you happen to fail the quiz the first time! You are granted unlimited tries and there is no time limit. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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About Victim Impact Panel USA’s Creators

Three licensed professionals specializing in Addictions, Co-Dependency, Co-Occurring Disorders, and other substance-related issues developed the Victim Impact Panel USA program.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the group stands by its prevention materials, and it is their sincere hope that the content will have such a profound effect on its participants that they will no longer drink and drive. 

Victim Impact Panel USA is not only designed to assist you in identifying and preventing further drinking and driving violations but is committed to your safety and the safety of the public.

About Victim Impact Panels

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, developed the original victim impact panel as a forum where actual victims of drunk driving accidents were given the chance to share their stories with individuals convicted of DUI offenses.

The overall tone and setting of a victim impact panel is a place where victims can use a fact-based approach to lay out the tremendous consequences of drunk driving. The goal is not to judge the DUI offenders but to provide a way for the DUI offender to personalize and internalize the severe impact of drunk driving. The program seeks to create empathy and understanding of the tragedy, leave a permanent impression that leads to changes in thinking and behavior to prevent future offenses. 

Due to the clear effectiveness of the victim impact panels, Court ordered use of Victim Impact Panels has become widespread as a sentencing option. Additionally, the detection and prosecution of DUI offenses have increased and thus the number of DUI offenders has increased. Due to this influx, it has become increasingly difficult to schedule actual victims to present at the victim impact panels. Victim impact panels also are not always available in the areas where offenders live.

Victim impact panels may also be used for requirements outside the courts, including for probation, DMV, counseling, attorney, work/job, school, church, and personal reasons.